Han-Y think if you know history of a country and then culture, you might understand its people better.
Okay, you decide to travel in Korea. Then let's get deep into Korea.
Above all, I will guide you to the Culture and Sports Ministry's site which no other site cannot match in the terms of cultural assets materials.
Korean history is going back millennia with countless invasions from neighbors due to its strategic location. During those attacks from the next door countries, many has gone away with their evidences left.
The followings are the survivals:
The first place is KyungJu in KyungSang area, which has the most remains of the others.
And the next,Popchusa Temple , Hyonch'ungsa Shrine, Naksansa Temple and Pomosa Temple
In Chung-Cheong area, there are Ch'ungnyolsa Shrine in ChungJu, CheongPung Cultural Assests Complex in JaeCheon city, MuNyoung Royal Tomb in GongJu city and HyunChungSa in ASan city, and Unjusa Temple.
Of course many places are waiting to be called at.
This would be thrilling experience while you come to know deeper inside of Korea.
Keep on its right track.
Han-Y is very proud of being a good guide. Right?

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