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WINGS Access Project

The United States Postal Service WINGS project and the TRACE Research and Development Center are working toward creating information sources on the World Wide Web that are mor e easily accessible by everyone. This includes people with text-based browsers, people with slow (modem) connections, people without Audio/Visual capabilities, people with helper applications missing, and people with disabilities. From this page, you can access resource documents and guidelines, as well as examples of problems that have been encountered and solution strategies that are recommended or which are being explored.

This page is divided into the following five categories:

  1. Suite of Guidelines for Designing an Accessible Web;
  2. Accessibility Verification Wanderer (Access VeriWand);
  3. Case Studies;
  4. Cases under discussion;
  5. Collection of Notes (i.e. Cases of the Future);

1. Suite of Guidelines for Designing an Accessible Web

1a. Writing Accessible HTML - Most current version is 6.6
1b. Designing an Accessible Web Site.
1c. More Easily Accessible Web Browsers
1d. Designing Screen Readers to Work More Effectively with WWW Browsers.

2. Accessibility Verification Wanderer (Access VeriWand)

Many digital designers have asked for a verfication spider that could crawl through their site and determine which of their pages could be made more accessible. A "paper check list" is the first step towards an automated accessibility verification tool. Our Quick Reference pages offer a summary in a checklist type of format of our Writing Accessible HTML guidelines. This should be automated to some degree in the next few months.
2a. Writing Accessible HTML guidelines: Quick Reference Page.

3. Case Studies

These pages demonstrate the process we have gone through to evaluate, research and create accessible WINGS pages.
3a. Pick a month from a table of images.
3b. Pick a day from a table of images.
3c. More Coming

4. Cases under discussion

The following are "test" pages used to generate discussion on the listserv. The first of these sets of pages will open for discussion the last week in March.
4a. D-tags.
4b. Alt-text.
4c. Edit boxes and forms
4d. More coming

5. Collection of Notes (i.e. Cases of the Future)

This is a collection of rapidly growing notes of inaccessible practises we find while surfing the web.
5a. JAVA.
5b. Drop Caps.
5c. Frames.
5d. HTML tags that can give screen readers problems.
5e. Style sheets.
5f. Review of current Browsers.
5g. Browser critical needs.
5h. More on the way

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Last modified June 3, 1996