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Beethoven's JavaQuiz is the new version of the old Beethoven's Quiz. It uses JavaScript and therefore it won't work with old browsers that doesn't support the JavaScript option. But still you can answer the old version of the Quiz.
The main advantage of the JavaQuiz is that it will check your answers and give you the mark in a few seconds unlike the old quiz which was submitting the Quiz by e-mail.
To get better results try to answer as short as you can.
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1) Which Beethoven's work was dedicated to Countess Giulietta Guicciardini and considered to one of his most known works ?
"Pathetique" Sonata
The Ninth Symphony
"Moonlight" Sonata

2) Who was the immortal beloved to whom Beethoven addressed his last letter?

3) What was the original name of the 'Moonlight' Sonata given to it by Beethoven?

Who had given the name 'Moonlight' to it?

4) To what European emperor was the Fifth Piano Concerto dedicated?

5) What poem was used by Beethoven as the main motiff of his Ninth Symphony?

6) Which Beethoven's symphony is called 'Pastoral'?
The First Symphony
The Fifth Symphony
The Sixth Symphony
The Ninth Symphony

7)To whom Beethoven wanted to dedicate his "Kreutzer" Sonata?

Why did he dedicated it to Rodolphe Kreutzer?
Beethoven quarrelled with the person to whom he wanted to dedicate his sonata
The real reason was a woman
Beethoven liked Rodolpho Kreutzer's playing more
There is no apparent reason for it

8) What was Beethoven's association with the famous motiff from his Fifth Symphony?

9) Eroica is another name of:
The Fifth Symphony
The Second Symphony
The Sixth Symphony
The Third Symphony

10) Which Beethoven's symphony is the most uncommon and the most different from his preceeder's symphonies? (type the number only)

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